Laura Nobel


Laura Nobel, born and raised in Rotterdam, the most international city of The Netherlands. Laura is in charge of the overall management for the Global Feed LCA Institute. The institute is an independent feed industry initiative. It has the vision of becoming the global reference of feed LCA data through a high quality database measured through a transparent, harmonized methodology. Laura’s role is contributing to the bigger picture, stimulating companies to prioritize sustainability through the LCA method, and finding synergies with relevant stakeholders. On the day-to-day basis, she engages in nearly all aspects of maintaining and growing the institute. Such as preparing key meetings and working groups like the Technical Management Committee and the Board of Directors, coordinating communication streams, drafting documentations, and developing and maintaining relevant partnerships.

Employed as project coordinator at consultancy company Agribusiness Service (ABS) since 2020, she has the support of her professional colleagues that offers a variety of expertise for their (agriculture-related) clients. While Laura enjoys the many opportunities and challenges the GFLI offers, her workplace at ABS facilitates the opportunity to act in diverse projects and gaining insights on both national and international developments in sustainable agriculture.

Before graduating in a Masters in animal science at Wageningen University, Laura developed a passion for sustainability and social matters. This led her to follow courses on (social) entrepreneurship, volunteer at a start-up company developing a floating farm, and find ways to integrate those interests into her study life. Her ambitions can also be found in her personal life, as she enjoys thrifting or upcycling clothes and finding alternative shopping solutions against plastic packaging as her personal tribute to create a more sustainable world.